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Minutes 11th January 2021

General Meeting and Planning and Licensing sub-committee


Mike Corlett (Chair MCo) Dominic Hardwick (DH) Richard Kilpatrick (RK) Mark Clayton (RMC), Pam Venning (PV), Carol Wilkinson (CW), Louise Smail (LS) P & L only, Phil Downs (PD), Gordon Browne (GBr), Andrew Simcock (AS) Brian Johnson (BJ) Geoff Bridson (GB)

1.Welcome and Apologies

Apologies: Mary Christie (MCh), Cllrs John Leech (JL), James Wilson (JW)

2.Minutes of the DCS General Meeting held on 11th November 2020

Minutes were issued Proposed (CW), Seconded (GB)

3.Planning and Licensing Sub Group

a) Jessiefield: MCC have rejected the Application, although we understand there may be an appeal submitted.

b) Shell Garage: Application to be considered 1st Feb 2021

c) Dhoom Dhaam: (AS) advised that the application proposed was to only follow the hours originally operated by Chalk which was closing at 24:00 (midnight)

 (The hard copy Planning and Licensing details from the sub-committee will be issued and also inserted on the website)

 4. Finance – (MC) advised that the bank balance at 31st Dec 2020, stood at £7108.31

a)  Gargoyle Fund (£2895.00) -The Trustees will formulate a new scheme wording for the Charities Commission and member’s approval.

b)  Christmas Lights (£535.00) – Now paid over to the DTA Dec 2020

 5. Membership

 –  Membership subscriptions which are due Jan 2021 are being received in good numbers.

–  Postal reminders have also been issued.

– (AS) Proposed that Mary Christie be thanked for all her hard work in maintaining the membership list each year and for resolving his recent query on Gift Aid.

6.  Didsbury Plan and Future Didsbury 2020 – 2023

(PD) is completing the merging of both plans for Trustee and member’s agreement.

7.  Neighbourhood District Staff Changes

a) The DCS welcomes Mandy Salmon as Neighbourhood Manager, Diane Sakalas as the                                                                 East and West Neighbourhood Officer. The DCS looks forward to a more involved local relationship with the Neighbourhood Team.

b) The DCS thanks Rob Dillon for his past works

c)  Didsbury East and West Ward Meetings. The DCS asked whether the regular meetings   will be reinstated after an absence of 9+ months. (RK) advised that the West Ward will restart on the 25th Feb 2021. (AS) advised that East Ward would also review their position. The DCS would like to add that this is an important facility for residents to regularly give their views.

 8.  Outstanding Issues

 a)   East Didsbury Railway Bridge: The project remains uncompleted and awaits Network Rail to complete the physical works and visual installations.  

 b)  Cleaning of the Cenotaph: A proposal is being put together by MCC for a match funded proposal to clean and restore the cenotaph.  Estimate for the clean and restore works is £4000+. (PD) suggested the idea that a Construction Glass protective case could also be considered.

c)  Cleaning of Milson Rhodes Clock (AS) advised that discussions were taking place with the maintainers to repair and regulate the mechanism to improve time keeping especially on Remembrance Sunday 11am.  See Construction Glass suggestion above.

 9.  A O B:

 a)  Quarterly Newsletter If you have an article to submit the closing date for submission is 1st March 2021

 b)  The DCS would like to thank MCC for its prompt action over New Year in clearing the    Litter Bin problems around the main roads of Didsbury.

c)  The Jubilee Gardens is still a cause of concern to the DCS. It would appreciate details of the maintenance schedule as we understand it is subcontracted by Southway to a local service provider

d)  A member has raised a query regarding the removal of the wall plaque/statue from the Evans shop building, anyone know the whereabouts?

e)  The DCS understands that the very large tree trunk CRM-431-6414 deposited on the Kingsway A34 will soon be removed.  (CW) remarked that it would not have been easy task to manoeuvre to the pavement.

f)  MCC have advised that repair work will soon take place to repair the long outstanding accident damaged, traffic barriers close to Tesco triangle.

g) (CW) raised the question of when the Gulley work will take place to resolve the continuous flooding problem at the pedestrian entrance to Parrswood Metro station which regularly crosses the Stockport bound carriageway of Parrswood Lane. This has been a problem for over 12+ months.

h) (RK) advised the “good news” that the volunteer toilet facility in the Old Parsonage is progressing

i) (PD) raised the issue of the absence of Covid-19 Marshalls in Didsbury and Stenner Lane particularly with very high volume of cars parking up and manoeuvring etc to walk the Mersey Valley.

j) (MC) raised the unprecedented success of the F M Alpine Café, however the lack of any public toilets is a concern. The ones closed by MCC were in a very poor state for the elderly, those with disability and young families with children.

k) The DCS has not had any feedback from MCC visiting Jajoo with regard to the numerous concerns raised in connection with the works taking place at this Grade 11 listed building. Namely, plastic Ivy attached to the building, waste disposal bins left on the pavement, builder`s rubble, also the lean-to attached to the building side, waste corrugated plastic roofing left in the grounds of Philip Godlee Lodge and lately a possible threat to some trees in the lodge has been reported. (AS) advised that a MCC visit had taken place and notice served that the building is listed, and that the new owners are in contravention. However, it is disappointing that there has not been any contact returned, especially when an official review question is raised. Surely, MCC has a responsibility to formally report back to such organisations who have taken the time and made efforts to raise a clear concern.

Next Planning & Licensing Meeting 6:45 and General Meeting 7:30 on the               8th Feb 2021 via Zoom.