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The Didsbury Plan

The Didsbury Plan 2021-2023 builds upon the original plan of 2017 and now incorporates Future Didsbury.

As Didsbury Civic Society (DCS) has been serving Didsbury for over 60 years, there is credibility amongst Members, and the wider Community, that DCS consults and acts upon local issues that resonate with the people of Didsbury. DCS aligns itself with a great number of voluntary groups across its geographical boundary, all working to ensure that Didsbury centre has thriving and accessible shops and businesses, that ensures a unique ‘village feel’ across its
geographical boundary. This support also includes those volunteers working in parks and green spaces. We proactively support the history, heritage and culture of Didsbury.

Three important statements have resonated in devising the plan:
1) Involving ordinary residents, traders and businesses directly in decisions
2) In a democracy, we need the people of Didsbury and their priorities to be taken
3) We aim to create a sustainable, liveable, practical environment that includes all
residents and visitors to Didsbury