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General Meeting 14th March 2022

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Mike Corlett (MC Chair), Dominic Hardwick (DH), Geoff Bridson (GBr), John Leech (JL), Andrew Simcock (AS), Mary Christie (MCh), Tony Parkinson (TP), Debbie Hilal (DH), Greg Stanton (GS), James Wilson (JW), Ellie Sams (ES)

1.Welcome and Apologies


James Wilson (JW), Louise Smail.

2. Minutes of the DCS General Meeting held on 8th November 2021

Minutes have been issued and accepted: Proposed (CW) and Seconded (GB)

3. Matters Arising

Two of the three matters arising are now progressing.

SubjectActionIndividual Action/Response
Mersey Valley Flooding ProtectionEnvironment Agency. Outcomes: The public would prefer a different nominated place to evacuate to than Wythenshawe Forum. The E. A. want to be more effective working with the homes most likely to be affected by the flooding. .Evacuation point now Didsbury Central Mosque   The DCS have been advised that the EA and MCC will host “a managing flood risk” at the Northenden Social Club on the 23rd March 3pm to 7pm. With a registration system going live in the next few days  
Septic Tank and Culvert Stenner LaneThere are requests now submitted to check and improve the situation. Overall, the main cause is not fully understood.  Work has taken place and the situation improved. The culvert still needs monitoring.
Fields in PerpetuityAn initial meeting is scheduled with Parks this week. This was asked for in March 2021 and is now progressing.Meetings have taken place and progressing. A further progress update required.

Matters Arising continued:

The subject of the increased graffiti was further debated. Whilst not resolved we ask residents to continue reporting issues, and we are seeing very good responses from the telecommunications companies in removing tags from the green and grey boxes. However as fast as it is removed, the graffiti reappears namely the tags AYC, Maca and now the new one Peak, which for residents is not good and contributes to a run-down look in the district. The councillors present advised that we should also contact GMP which has now been done. (ES) has agreed to take up the issues of graffiti, how we tackle it, report it and progress the follow up etc. Please report any activity seen to GMP as it is criminal damage to property. 

Tagging Graffiti outside Didsbury Post Office

4. Business:

Heritage Programme

The DCS requested Councillor support in the form of a NIF Grant to continue the filming programme of the participating sites. With the finished product updated into the public domain and placed onto the DCS YouTube channel in perpetuity. The DCS were also asked if they would share the amount required, by match funding.  (MC) advised that DCS funds were now significantly reduced but would consider it as an option. It should also be remembered that our projects are for the benefit of all community groups and residents rather than the DCS solely. (ES) advised that sponsorship is also an option being considered by the group. (GS) suggested that Conker Communications may be worth approaching and who are Didsbury centric.


The DCS had some concerns that where licensing objections had been raised. That the objector`s names can end up in the public domain. We have been advised by the MCC Director of Planning and councillor (JL) that all objector`s names are redacted from the documents except in the case of the applicant. Who has a duty to try and bridge the concerns raised by the objectors?

Queens Platinum Jubilee

The DCS are in discussion with Emmanuel Church and Mike Pollard of Home Cafe to be part of their celebrations on Thursday 2nd June 2022

Didsbury Plan and Future Didsbury 2021

With the retirement of Sir Richard Leese, a copy of the above plan has now been sent to the new leader Bev Craig. We have been advised to continue discussing with all of our local councillors. Councillor (GS) has suggested that such a meeting be held after the May 2022 local elections.

Treasurer Report:

The bank balance at the 28th February 2022 was advised as £8422.21.

With a Gift Aid recovery for 2020 received on 7th March 2022 of £309.29.


Payments being received progressively. With reminders being issued towards the end of March 2022.


(GBr) raised a question of tree safety due to the number of mature trees falling during the recent storms. It was thought that inspections take place on a 5-7 years basis although this was unconfirmed. Whilst some were snapped off by the strong winds, some appear to be rotten at the roots with a large one falling in Didsbury Park (pictured below). Photographs being issued under separate cover.

Late News We are pleased to announce that the memorial plaque in memory of Jim Leeming has now been installed in the Jubilees Gardens above the Acer Tree recently planted.

Next Meeting: TBC


Planning and Licensing

Total Applications: 21

Approved: 17

Withdrawn: 0

Further information required:  

Suggestions and Comments made: 4

Refusals: 0

All house numbers are in the public domain on the MCC Planning and Licensing portal

 MCC Ref NoAddressProposalCommentsApproval
133076/FH/2022425 Parrswood RoadErection of single storey side ext.Appears to be part of a certificate of lawful useDCS has no objection to this proposal
133026/LP/2022St Catherine`s R C PrimaryExtension of existing servery to form a fully equipped kitchenCertificate of lawful developmentDCS has no objection to this application
133033/TCA/2022821 Wilmslow RoadWorks to tree, crown lift and crown reduction DCS has no objection to this application
132943/TCA/20227 Old BroadwayWorks to trees, T1 fell Eucalyptus, T2 Red Plum 20% crown reduction and pruning of branches overhanging neighbour`s garden. DCS has no objection to this application
132902/FO/202244 Kingston RoadErection of two storey dwelling house after demolition of existing propertyThe DCS has concerns regarding the demolition of the existing building and rebuilding Does this action conform with MCC Green Agenda policies?DCS has no objection to this application if it conforms to agreed policies regarding carbon offset of old and new material use.
132890/LO/2022The Stables Wilmslow RoadInstallation of 7 air handling units in concealed roof valley. With support decking DCS has no objection to this application
132840/FH/202213 Lynway DriveErection of a single storey rear extension and pitched roof DCS has no objection to this application
132824/FH/20223 Crandon DriveErection of a single storey rear and part single/two story side ext. DCS has no objection to this application
132825/FH/202214 Lynway DriveErection of a 2 storey, side and front ext DCS has no objection to this
133129/FH/202216 Arthog RoadErection of 2 storey side and front extensionThe DCS has some concerns about a possible over development.DCS will have no objection to this application. Subject to the comments.  
133118/TCA/202216 Old BroadwayWorks to trees, proposed felling of Holly Tree T1 and pruning of a Wisteria DCS has no objection to this application
133097/TPO/2022825 Wilmslow RoadWorks to tree T24 mature Yew, prune canopy, reduce spread, prune canopy G43 mature Holly by 2 metres. DCS has no objection to this application
132990/TCA/2022Flat 1 Lawnhurst,826 Wilmslow RoadWorks to tree, prune Ash T1 remove large limb on RHS to 3.5 metre DCS has no objection to this application
132904/FH/202231 Victoria AveErection of single storey side and rear ext DCS has no objection to this application
CDN/22/0069Car Park 2 Davenfield GroveApplication to discharge condition 7 (contact details) and condition 8 (management strategy) DCS has no objection to this application
133131/TCA/202229 Pine RoadWorks to tree, T7 Cedar remove. DCS has no objection to this application
133122/TCA/2022Flat 1 Weaver House, 10 Barlow Moor RoadWorks to tree, proposed felling of large tree damaging Victorian perimeter wallThere are concerns that this proposal could facilitate a car park expansion. The carpark is already large and untidy. The wall should also be reinstated to its original Victorian standard.DCS has no objection to the proposal
CDN/22/0132704 Wilmslow RoadApplication to discharge condition 3 (acoustic insulation) attached to planning application 131865/FO/2022 DCS has no objection to this application
CDN/22/01272 Barlow Moor RoadDischarge of condition 1 (timescale), 3 (hours), 4 (servicing hours).5 (refuse) and 6 (composite panels) attached to 131169/FO/2021 DCS has no objection to this application
133095/FO/2022Flat 4, 3 Elm RoadInstallation of Bifold doors to existing rear dormer window and creation of a balcony. Replacing existing side steel balcony, door and windows to side elevation.The DCS has concerns regarding the large width of the bifold doors. The proposed balcony is also a large projection. Rather than a Juliet style one. The balcony will also give views over the surrounding gardens. The plan would also detract from the objective of a conservation area.DCS would have no objection to this proposal subject to the recommendations.
132857/FH/20225 Twyford CloseErection of a part single/part 2 storey rear ext. Re-roofing existing garage. DCS has no objection to this application