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Minutes 9th March 2020

PRESENT: Mike Corlett (Chair MCo), Mary Christie (MCh), Dominic Hardwick (DH), Gordon Browne (GB), Cllr Richard Kilpatrick (RK), Pam Venning (PM), Cllr Greg Stanton (GS), Carole Wilkinson (CW), Cllr J Wilson (JW),Geoff Bridson (GBr), Cllr John Leech, Brian Johnson (BJ)

  1. Apologies: Cllr Andrew Simcock (AS), Isobel Kelso (IS), Jim Leeming (JL), Mark Clayton (MC), Louise Smail (LS), Chris Smail (CS) Phil Downs (PD)
  2. Approval of Minutes for the Meeting 10th February 2020
    Approved as correct. Proposed: Gordon Browne, Seconded Greg Stanton
  3. Matters arising from the 10th November 2019 Meeting
    a) Parrswood/East Didsbury Railway Bridge: MCo circulated a number of pictures showing images of some of the art work which will be on the railway bridge walls.
    b) Whitechapel Street Car Park: RK advised he has had conversations with both Caramello and Desserts and some residents of Grove Lane and Whitechapel Street. To date no Planning Application has been submitted. RK has also submitted a request for a Legal Opinion of the contractual conditions. Building Control has confirmed the owner may choose to do what he wants in terms of making the car park non-public. JL indicated that as the Co-op store had previously inserted a barrier and enforcement had this removed then why is the new owner not also challenged. JL is working with Rob Dillon to ascertain the processes followed.
    c) Didsbury Festival: Volunteers are requested for the 13th June 2020. Four members required for setting up the gazebo from 9:00am along with members to help (MCo) manage the stall during the day.
  4. Manchester City Council and Local Plan
    Posters are being distributed and put up regarding consultations on plans and proposals for Manchester`s Future development. It is important that the DCS, its members and residents take part and respond to the proposals and plans.
  5. Planning and Licensing
    Two of the main highlights, was an application for a disabled access door via a North facing door. In the discussion it was considered out of keeping with the rest of Emmanuel Church, with a rectangular door frame and lintel. Whereas the adjacent lintel support is arched. Discussions are ongoing. RK advised that the Emmanuel Church plans need to be supported at a higher Diocese level in the process. A house owner, Kingston Road, is also seeking approval to remove a very large tree from their sloping front garden replacing it with a smaller ornamental Dogwood tree. The DCS would like to see a tree specialist `s report to see whether the tree is dangerous or diseased as the tree is seen as being healthy. The Planning and Licensing sub group discussed and
    processed 22 Planning and Licensing Applications.
  6. Hon Treasurers Report and Membership
    Bank Account £7119.14, Gargoyle Account: The DCS have to go through the formal Charity Commission (CC) process for a “failed appeal” including trying to identify contributors from the start of the appeal, which was at least 10+ years ago. If we are unable to identify contributors, then the Trustees will agree a resolution, subject to the Charity Commission`s approval. The Trustees will then agree the process for the dispersal of funds in keeping with the CC advice and agreement. Gift Aid a claim for repayment has been made to HMRC for the years 2015-2018 inclusive.
  7. Road Infrastructure
    – Dene Road West which was only re-laid approximately 3 years ago and now has several repair patches Spath Road/Victoria Road these roads are reported as showing signs of some tarmac breaking up.
    – Areas of Sandhurst Road have over the years been tarmacked over the existing concrete slab in places, especially where the concrete was breaking up. The tarmac is breaking up as the underneath concrete also breaks up further. The tarmac is now being lifted by water ingress and broken up so many areas will soon be large potholes.
    – The heavily marked newly laid tarmac at the Cedars/Parrswood Road site entrance is still evident. We were advised by (JW) that it is the subject of negotiation between the site developers P J Livesey and MCC. However, the damage is being caused by the same large vehicles entering the site, as was seen when St James Park was developed previously. Reported under CRM-382-0928.
    – The damaged tarmac at Parrswood Road/ Parrswood Ave/ Ruabon junction has been poorly filled for repair and is proud of the existing road surface, forming ruts. The contractor should be recalled for a proper and acceptable repair in keeping with the existing surface. Reported under CRM-375-2812.
  8. Didsbury Park Estate, Traffic and GMP Involvement
    GMP have indicated that a traffic calming operation could take place to reduce the current speeding, rat running, inconsiderate pavement parking, the blocking of driveways and the recurring Sandhurst
    Road blocking by parents picking up from Beaver Road School close to the Atmos car park entrance. Sgt Shenton has been involved and is being very proactive on this problem.
  9. AOB
    – The DTA reports that Francis House will hold their “Chick Trail” the 3rd to 20th April 2020.
    – The Old Parsonage Garden Party will be on the 26th July 2020
    – The South Manchester Civic Societies and Associations will meet on the 17th March 2020
    – It was suggested that WDRA and Northenden are also invited to join the network and future events.
    – GBr raised a question regarding the Insulation of Didsbury Houses. It was advised that many only have 9” brickwork making insulation difficult. This question was as a result of the meeting on Sunday
    8th March 2020 in the Didsbury Neighbourhood Centre specific to Environmental Issues. The DCS advised that it supported all green initiatives.
  10. Future Agenda Items
    – MCo asked for suggestions on future agenda items.
    – GS asked for environmental issues to be placed on the next agenda.
    – MCh asked if there could be a planned joint DTA and DCS meeting later in the year to address issues about the Didsbury Centre. The length of time retail units were empty was a concern. Sharing of landlord data was important.
    – A question was raised by BJ regarding squatters with dogs off their leads in the park and incidents of one individual being in the bushes close to the children`s playground area. JW and BJ agreed to discuss this issue. It was agreed that local support for the on-street planting of trees should be encouraged. Providing they are residential street suitable, and not an obstacle to residents with disability or parents pushing prams etc.
    – The importance of District Centres and Neighbourhood Teams and their impact on health was advised. They provide a joined-up approach to resolving health problems via the involvement of the various individual departments working together rather than standing alone.
  11. Future Meeting Dates
    Owing to the Old Parsonage being closed for the Easter Monday Bank Holiday we will not be meeting in April. Addendum owing to the Government`s restrictions on social distancing there be no meeting on the 11th May 2020 either. Further information/updates will follow.