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DCS Minutes of the General Meeting held on Monday 17th April

Via Zoom


Mike Corlett (MCo Chair), Gordon Browne (GB), Pam Venning (PV)

ccs Mandy Salmon, Andrew Young, Anne Marie O`Driscoll

Welcome to attendees

Due to local election canvassing and a change of date after Easter, the meeting was changed to a discussion.

Apologies for Absence:

Richard Kilpatrick (RK), Mary Christie (MCh), Carol Wilkinson (CW), Ellie Sams (ES), John Leech (JL), Debbie Hilal (DH), Mark Clayton (MC).

Acceptance of the Minutes of the DCS General Meeting held on the

13th March 2023.

Due to the reduced numbers on the night, it was suggested that minutes of the 13th March were taken as issued. The meeting then continued on a discussion only basis.

Matters Arising


Outstanding Matters from previous meetings:

  • Storm damage at Didsbury Cricket Club: Wilmslow Road missing fencing
  • Storm damage at Bradley Fold Allotments: Damaged and missing fencing
  • Storm damage at Philip Godlee Lodge: Wilmslow Road damaged wall

All the above have now been outstanding for 15+ months. Items 1&2 are part of MCC`s responsibility due to damage caused by falling MCC trees. The PGL wall is understood to be assigned by MCC to the PGL management team for repair and maintenance. Therefore, MCC is requested to take up this matter with PGL on behalf of the DCS that the work is to be undertaken as soon as possible. All of these matters have been raised via the council CRM system and treated with an apathetical email response, and without accreditation of any name, job title or contact number for escalation. The DCS would remind, that the problems are insurance related. After all of this time surely Didsbury deserves better service than a simple bland dismissal and the sites just left to deteriorate? Bradley Fold has even been left with the green pointed security fencing left in the undergrowth, which could be regarded as a H&S matter?

Business Agenda

1.Gillbrook Street Residents Assoc and DCS Membership 

The DCS understands from its members that problems have arisen due to anti- social behaviour. With the DCS having members on this side of Didsbury Park, it is suggested that copies of minutes are shared between both groups for awareness rather than a need-to-know basis.

 2. New Police Inspector

The DCS is aware that we have a new police inspector Anis Hakim on the district and Community Police (PCSOs) are back helping to protect Didsbury. Surely it would be good to acquaint the Inspector to the Didsbury voluntary and community groups as many will not have met with GMP for probably about 6 years.

3. Rat Running and Speeding

Both problems still remain a community issue with both featuring in the current election leaflets coming through our doors. Is it not time for such matters to be back on the community agenda?

4. Dandara and Tesco Appeal

All members have been sent a copy of the Notice of Public Inquiry to be held at the Quaker Meeting House, Manchester and online on the 23rd May 2023. This action has come about after the submission of new traffic data, in response to the original council rejection response. MCC Planning and Licensing have advised they will not contest the new data.

5. Rights of residents to get a say in the pavement and street repair timetable  

With the pavements of Didsbury degrading rapidly, the residents should have a say in which streets should be a priority for repairs. After the recent upheaval by BRSK and their poor reinstatement programme, why have the gas board presumably Cadent now been allowed to dig up the recently laid tarmac in various spots on Dene Road etc. Currently one area at the corner with Ford Lane has remained open (with the pavement cover off, barriered and with footpath closed notices after more than a month. The poor state of the cracked and uneven pavements can only be seen as a restriction to the mobility to both Didsbury`s older residents and those with disability.

Yours sincerely

Mike Corlett

DCS Chair