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DCS Minutes of General Meeting Monday 8th May 2023

DCS Minutes of General Meeting Monday 8th May 2023

Welcome by the chair


Mike Corlett, Carol Wilkinson, Gordon Browne

Apologies for absence:

Mary Christie, Pam Venning, Richard Kilpatrick, James Wilson, Mark Clayton, Anne-Marie O`Driscoll, Tony Parkinson

Copies to Mandy Salmon, Andrew Young.

Approval and acceptance of the Minutes for the 17th April 2023. The Minutes were previously advised as accepted due to attendee numbers.

Business Agenda

Open session for Councillor`s Update on Didsbury East and West Wards

  1. Mersey Pollution

Have any actions and meetings taken place with the Environmental Agency and North West Water to protect the Mersey Valley? (See response below from Cllr James Wilson) Councillor responses and updates for future meetings are more than welcomed by the DCS, and the community members who receive copies of the minutes.

2. Current Anti-Social actions

The problems are getting worse on the Didsbury Park Estate side and the Gillbrook Street side (Cllr Wilsons update also covers this matter).

 The community needs to see more official updates on progress and remedial actions. GMP have not met with the Didsbury public for many years, probably the last time was at Ivy Cottage, Barlow Moor Road.

Whilst generally hearing about the East Ward, what is happening in the West Ward?

The DCS thanks Cllr Wilson for his update on the Anti-Social behaviour and Mersey pollution as he was unable to attend:

“Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour- As Didsbury East councillors, we have raised the concerns of local residents about crime and ASB in Didsbury Park and on the surrounding roads with the local police and asked that they pay particular attention to the area. We are awaiting a response on what action they have taken on recent criminal activity.

Pollution in the Mersey- Andrew and I met representatives from United Utilities along with Cheadle Labour councillor David Meller at Stockport Waste Water Treatment Works and raised the concerns of local residents about pollution of the Mersey with them.

United Utilities are investing £230m over 5 years to reduce the problem of outdated storm sewage systems which lead to sewage spilling into the Mersey before treatment can take place. However, this investment goes nowhere near far enough to fix the problem and it is frustrating that the Government are failing to properly regulate and hold the water

companies to account for paying out millions in dividends instead of investing more money to solve this issue. However, in the meantime, we have asked United Utilities to publish information on when spillages from storm sewers occur so at least residents are aware when pollution is taking place. They have agreed to do this by the end of the year and are open to an ongoing dialogue with the Didsbury community. We are also in contact with the Environment Agency who regulate water quality in the River Mersey.”

Heritage Open Days Community and Filming

The DCS has been in contact with Mathew Montgomery about restarting filming work on the unfinished Didsbury plaques part of the project. We are also looking at including the library with an exhibition of Didsbury photographs. Also, the exterior of the Wesleyan Chapel and the Cedars has been mentioned.   

DCS suggests the regular updating of East and West Ward NIF Grants

The DCS believes that the allocation of any grant funding within the Didsbury East and West community should be treated as public information and be part of the regular Ward meetings reporting, detailed by project and receiving group.

Update on Social Trip to Woodhouse Wentworth (Elsecar) South Yorkshire.

Another very successful trip, was attended by 48 members and friends, with members from Withington Civic Society also joining us. The house being a hidden gem in Rotherham. Our next event will probably take place in September 2023. Read about the trip here.

Financial Update

Bank balance less Cenotaph and Spann`s Ghost Art £12154.09

Any Other Business.    

Since the meeting the DCS acknowledges, and would thank MCC for starting the repair work to the storm damaged bund wall at Philip Godlee Lodge including the damaged tree removal.

As a point of interest, it is interesting to see the size and weight of the cut stones used in the wall construction.

Next Meeting 12th June 2023

Yours sincerely

Mike Corlett