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Minutes of the General Meeting held on Monday 11th July 2022


Mike Corlett (MC Chair), Debbie Hilal (DH), Greg Stanton (GS), Anne-Marie O`Driscoll (AMOD), Carol Wilkinson (CW), Mark Clayton (MC), Gordon Browne (GB), Brian Johnston (BJ), Geoff Bridson (GBr), Tony Parkinson (TP)

Welcome and Apologies for Absence:

Apologies from James Wilson (JW), Andrew Simcock (AS) Richard Kilpatrick (RK) Mary Christie (MCh), Ellie Sams (ES)

Acceptance of the Minutes of the DCS General Meeting held on the 13th June 2022

Proposed: Carol Wilkinson Seconded Brian Johnston

Matters Arising:

  • Storm damage, On the grass verge near Didsbury Cricket Club, still remains with two trees down and a large stump still on the grass verge and one left sticking upwards, along with significant fence damage still awaiting repair. (GS) and (DH) advised that Bradley Fold Allotments have had a NIF Grant from MCC to carry out the repairs to trees and fencing which are still in progress. The DCS would also be interested to know who makes the decision to leave the trees stumps in place rather than their removal. As an aside, could the timber not be sold to log burner users during the energy crisis?
  • The Graffiti and Fly Posting issues still remain a serious concern to residents and despite letters to GMP and our local MP. A stronger course of action is still needed to be brought into place as Didsbury is looking increasingly run down. The lack of a response from GMP is also very noticeable, especially as criminal damage is occurring. Fly posting has recently increased significantly with most of the lamp standards in Didsbury being adorned with posters especially from the NatWest Bank to Viceroy Court with notices for lost cats, a NHS protest (been there for several years), Lady Boys of Bangkok, “Kassius with a K”, The Shadow of Stalin and Marxism 2022. This problem lies with both MCC and TfGM for clear up as they are mainly on their property. Surely all can be easily resolved with a portable steam cleaner, and the will to actually clear it off.
  • Barlow Moor Road It is understood that further work is to take pace by MCC Highways to clear the gullies and grids which remain blocked underground and are still a serious problem during wet weather to residents.

Business Discussed

-The Crown Public House:

The property is starting to look unkempt and uncared for with regular debris in the barriered area. The owners should be requested by MCC Enforcement to take action to clean up their frontage. It is understood that currently an exceptional lease rate per annum was quoted to a prospective tenant enquiry for this property. Which for Didsbury, was more like the rate for a city centre establishment`s. The owner should also be requested to remove and store the outdoor benches to stop the area continually being used and left untidy. It is also rumoured that the property may also have been sold back to the original brewery?

-Metro Noise:

It has been noted on the DPE WhatsApp Group that residents are concerned about the excessive tram noise being emitted between Didsbury Village and Parrswood stations. It is understood that Councillor Simcock is investigating if this is still a current problem. Residents should also report any issues to T f GM who are responsible for the systems day to day running.

-Pavements in Didsbury

The broken pavements around Didsbury Centre and side streets remain a residential concern and in a poor state of repair caused by vehicle owners still simply parking on pavements without penalty. Heavy builder`s and delivery vehicles regularly driving over the kerb edges dislodging the newer, and breaking the older weathered ones. Builder`s skips are a further problem especially when delivered empty and picked up fully loaded.

The poor state is a risk of injury to all residents, including the infirm, the partially sighted, parents with push chairs and those in wheelchairs. This problem has been raised regularly by the DCS and are included in The Didsbury Plan and Future Didsbury. There also does not appear to be any actions to control the Utility Companies digging up Didsbury pavements and roads with little or no consultation with the residents. Many taking weeks to be reinstated. Developers have also been seen to simply put out barriers on roads without notice eg at the Limes on Wilmslow Road narrowing the already busy carriageway, again without approval or consultation. These have now been removed thanks to (GS).  

We also can see the deterioration in the recently installed paving on Sandhurst Road on the St James Park frontage. Which has only been laid about 3+ years ago and was poorly laid at the start. Within a couple of months rocking in places, and patched up with tarmac to replace those slabs which were broken early on. Others now have broken corners and edges due to the various attempts to repair and lifting

with a heavy wrecking bar. This road has regularly been pointed out as being heavily used, it`s also rat run. Contractor vehicles regularly being parked up on the pedestrian pavement when work is being carried out and never parked off road in the property courtyard. This road was never wide enough for the existing estate traffic usage and was regularly seen as a problem, and pointed out to MCC Planning. Vehicles are also seen regularly being driven on the pavement sometimes at speed rather than simply stopping and giving way.

It was suggested on the night that MCC or MCC Planning should be requested to write to P J Livesey Ltd requesting they take early action to have this pavement repaired under the s278 Agreement, otherwise it should remain unadopted by MCC for the ongoing maintenance, until and unless the work is carried out to an agreed level.

DCS Secretary Vacancy:

There is a vacancy for a secretary to the Civic. Please contact the Chairman if anyone would like to discuss this vacancy on:

Finance Reporting

The DCS reports a HSBC bank balance of £13486.92 which is currently healthy with grants for the Cenotaph, Ghost art and Gift Aid recovery.


Over the weekend of the 9th and 10th July it was chaotic for residents trying to enter and exit in their cars from their driveways. Complicated by successful Car Show which is advised had 400 cars on show. On that weekend the park end of Didsbury Park Road was also closed for building work with signage in place. Surely on such a busy weekend the road should have been re-opened by Highways to traffic?

The” white courtesy parking lines” are being regularly ignored around the top of Sandhurst Road and Dalston Drive. Whilst parking on the lines it is not an illegal action, the situation has become both difficult and dangerous, which is why the lines were originally laid down. It would be advantageous if a report could be made to who has actually paid for the lines outside their property. Which, if they are not being enforced, what purpose do they serve? It would also be good to have more effective enforcement at weekends and especially Bank Holidays in the area.

Mike Corlett