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Minutes 9th April 2021

Minutes of the General Meeting and Planning and Licensing sub-committee held via Zoom

Attendees: Mike Corlett (Chair MCo), Mary Christie (MCh), Dominic Hardwick (DH), Mark Clayton (RMC), Carol Wilkinson (CW), Phil Downs (PD), Gordon Browne (GB), Brian Johnson (BJ), Geoff Bridson (GB), John Leech (JL), Louise Smail (LS Planning and Licensing only), and Pam Venning (PV).

  1. Apologies: James Wilson, Richard Kilpatrick, Andrew Simcock

2. Minutes of the DCS General Meeting held on 8th March 2021

  Minutes approved and accepted: Proposed (CW), Seconded (MCh)

3. Matters Arising

SubjectActionIndividual Action/Response
Mersey Valley Flooding ProtectionRichard Kilpatrick and (JL) have held meeting with Environment Agency1. E.A. advised that a 100 years risk applied to area. 2. E.A. advised they are responsible for clearing debris to the Levee top. 3. E.A. advised that MCC are responsible to clear debris from the public side of the Levee. Distance needs to be confirmed.
Jubilee Gardens land owned by Southway HousingAwaiting response to a email addressed to CEO if Southway HousingMeeting planned with Sway, Peter Jordan and Ranger Luke Stuttard at gardens 12:30 14/4/2021
Septic Tank Stenner LaneIf seepage is still occurring. Clarification required to which property is the cause?DCS agreed to escalate. John Leech agreed to pursue with Ciaran Wilkinson, thereafter,  if required Environment Agency.

Still required:  Mersey Valley Debris clear up work is still required. A clearer understanding on the Mersey Valley responsibilities was achieved around the area.

Jubilee Gardens, the proposed meeting (MCo) still to take place (see above) with reference to planting, maintenance, waste bins, the management, overflow from Café Nero and the planting of the Memorial Tree.

Septic Tank/Stenner Lane (PD) advised that the St James Church does not have a septic tank. Using some form of earth closet. Which may be a contributory factor to the required wall rebuild.

4.Planning and Licensing Sub Group

Meeting took place as usual prior to General Meeting Chaired by Dominic Hardwick. The hard copy details will be issued with the GM Minutes and inserted on the Website.

Total Applications: 17
Approved: 15
Withdrawn: 0
Further information required: 0
Suggestions and Comments made: 6
Refusals: 2
All house numbers are in the public domain on the MCC Planning and Licensing portal

5. Business

a) Fields in Perpetuity: An email has been received from James Wilson that advised he has raised the question of the possibility of certain parkland being placed in Trust on behalf of residents (The Head of Parks and Exec Member for Culture and Leisure). Discussion took place on the process (BJ) and the requirement of MCC Legally Agreeing to proceed. Several sites were also discussed (GB) (JL) it was advised that 6 land areas had come under the threat of past development. (MCh) suggested that Fog Lane Park must also be considered for protection The DCS agreed to continue to monitor and support all local interests. The various interest groups would like to receive a MCC written views to a “why not” process. There was a strong view that the DCS wanted transparency and this matter raising at MCC CEO level.

b) Didsbury Policing Clear up Rates: Concerns have been raised regarding the absence of the issue of any clear up rates from GMP to the public. There is a lack of regular consultations with residents and is around 2+ year since the last public one took place. There are increased concerns regarding local anti-social behaviour, underage alcohol issues and vandalism.

c) Didsbury Wall Art project discussions took place regarding the Costa Coffee “ghost advert” findings. ((MCh) and (MCo) have been able to visit the locations and have a close-up view via the Manager. There have been alterations to the back (gable) wall as the balcony area has been changed over the years. There appears to be 2-3 adverts which have been placed over the years. (RMC) advised that there are conditions placed on such adverts with pre and post 1948 being important. Via the minutes we would ask (RMC) to forward the discussed details electronically.

Shane Johnstone, sign writer expert of long standing will join a “Ghost Advert” discussion on line 27th April 8pm.

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6. Didsbury Plan and Future Didsbury A meeting will take place to agree the final draft of the document, agree with Trusttes and Section Leads and then send out to   members.

7. Finance and Membership the bank balance stands at £8628.33

a) Didsbury Cenotaph NIF Grant has been agreed for cleaning and repair via match funding and should start in June 2021.

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b) NIF funding has been agreed for the Jane Riley (Didsbury Library Manager) Memorial Bench at the Library.

8.For Information

Probus dates:

  • 8th May Peter Mount and charitable works in Africa ( circulated zoom link to Members)
  • 3rd June, John Carpenter “a social snapshot of Manchester”
  • 1st July, Eric Winkle Brown “Britain`s greatest pilot”
  • 23rd Sept, Waste and Recycling

9. AOB

HOD`s (CW) updated the group on progress to date Venues have been written to for registration of interests, advising that they would have to manage the visit inventory, there will not be a printed leaflet, there will probably be limited catering facilities, toilet facilities will probably be limited. The deadline for venues will be 11/6/2021

Next Planning & Licensing Meeting @ 6:45 for the Planning and Licensing sub group, and the General Meeting @ 7:30 on the 10th May 2021 via Zoom.

Licensing – All information is public