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Didsbury Civic Society Minutes of the General Meeting 11the December 2023

at The Old Parsonage

Attendees: Mike Corlett, Mary Christie, Carol Wilkinson, Ellie Sams, John Leech, Mark Clayton. Joining after the start Sue and Paul Good.

Apologies for Absence: Richard Kilpatrick, Gordon Browne, Andrew Simcock, James Wilson, Debbie Hilal.

Approval of Minutes 13th November 2023:

Proposer: Ellie Sams.         Seconded: Carol Wilkinson


Update on the progress for the Garden of Contemplation

It was agreed that the DCS volunteer hours expended on the G o C should be collated.

Discussions with Equan have started with the DCS and MCC (Mandy Salmon) awaiting sight of their response in the form of potential materials and labour supplies within their community offer.

Southway Housing have also responded very positively.

Last Saturday 9th Dec around 12 hours were expended on preparational bulb planting, with more to be done after the next delivery. (Pictured)

The Dragons Den for Climate Change submission on the 7th Dec produced a further award of £1000. A big thank you to Pauline Ong for a very professional presentation on the night.

The target funds to be raised are £46,000 of which we have raised and received £23,000.

DCS Newsletter Launch

It is intended to launch a regular Newsletter to members and associated community groups including the DTA and other local community groups Carol Wilkinson has agreed to edit, With the launch in January or February 2024

Regular community articles and announcements etc would be most welcome. Details can be forwarded via:

There will also be updates on the Jubilee Gardens plantings and the DCS`s co-operation with Southway Housing Trust.


Annual membership is due on 1st January 2024, also any donations for DCS general expenditure are very welcome.

Liz Thornhill has kindly offered to take on this task on behalf of the DCS

It is recognised that the DCS needs to generate new members over the coming years. A wider discussion then took place.

It is currently recognised that we do not have a lot to offer the younger end of our   community, apart from sowing the seeds for the future and what we do in Didsbury.

A suggestion was made to offer the choice of paid member or to be an active volunteer working on the society’s projects.

It was also suggested to form a focus group to examine ideas for both the future and potential objectives, including private companies providing volunteer teams along with local scout groups.

It was suggested that some histories of Didsbury businesses could be undertaken with the longer and more established ones, such as the restaurant proprietors of the Khandoker, and the Third Eye, who may have a great story to tell. We also have the Spann`s history and storyboard about to be completed within the Ghost Art project.

Financial Update

Bank balance at the 30th November 2023 was advised as £24,896.16 including all grants.

Any other business

The Appeal against MCCs refusal to allow the installation of a 5G Telecommunications mast and associated control cabinets on the public pavement outside of Barlow Medical has been dismissed at the appeal. The DCS objected to both the initial proposal and the appeal submission.

Sue Good suggested that we start to write to Heritage Open Days venues to generate early interest and response. Also, deciding on the structure of our next programme. Sue also suggested that we could also create a project about women who have done good things in Manchester.

It was also advised that Richard Kilpatrick has spoken with Manchester Central Library who have advised that “all local information of value should be digitised and archived for the future”.

We would also advise that we have a new GMP Inspector Ian Thomson with 23 years in police service.

The continuous problems of the increase in anti-social behaviour in Didsbury is a concern with graffiti and criminal damage problematical, along with some poor behaviour around Gillbrook Street.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

On behalf of the Trustees.