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DCS Minutes of the General Meeting held on Monday 13th March 2023

Via Zoom

Attendees: Mike Corlett (MCo Chair), Carol Wilkinson (CW), John Leech (JL), James Wilson
(JW), Gordon Browne (GB), Geoff Bridson (GBr), Ellie Sams (ES), Mark Clayton
(MkC) Ccs Mandy Salmon, Andrew Young, Anne Marie O`Driscoll.
Welcome to attendees.

Apologies for Absence: Richard Kilpatrick (RK), Andrew Simcock (AS), Mary Christie (MCh), Pam Venning (PV).
Acceptance of the Minutes of the DCS General Meeting held on the 9th January 2023.
Proposed: Carol Wilkinson Seconded: Gordon Browne

Matters Arising

Outstanding Matters:

  • Didsbury Cricket Club: Wilmslow Road missing fencing
  • Bradley Fold Allotments: Damaged and missing fencing
  • Philip Godlee Lodge: Wilmslow Road damaged wall
    All outstanding for 12+ months, items 1&2 are part of MCC`s responsibility. The PGL wall is understood to be assigned by MCC to the PGL management team for repair and maintenance.

Business Agenda
1. Can legislation enable the delivery of environmental and green solutions in Didsbury.

a) Used to reduce on street vehicle idling, eg at school drop off and pickup, public offices, private hires at pubs and clubs etc.

b) mandatory business switch off of lights after the close of business.

c) dynamic switching of road crossings via the street control, or count down indicators. d) more rigid pursuance and prosecution of river pollution and sewage discharges eg River Mersey and surrounds with North West Water and the Environmental Agency.

Both Labour and Liberal Democrats have recently raised this problem via

It was also suggested that a review of the traffic and crossing timers should be
carried out by T f G M to assess whether slower changes in favour of vehicles
brings about pedestrians taking risks. The introduction of “countdown indicators”
could reduce risk taking at several busy pinch points.

2. BRSK and their work in Didsbury
a).It would appear that much of the recent work taking place is outside of the auspices of the existing suppliers of telecoms services and will require separate service contracts. b). Additional telegraph poles have been installed extremely close to residential perimeters, without any formal notice using the 1986 Telecommunication Act with no permissions required up to a certain height. Some overlook private gardens and bedroom windows etc. Some may also have been installed on private property. MCC Planning should have opposed some installations on MCC land more vigorously. c). Pavement and road reinstatement appears to be poorly managed leaving pavements in some areas in an even poorer state. d). Very little supervision appears to have taken place of these works. Who is responsible for agreeing the quality and acceptance? The Didsbury Park residential areas are in need of significant pavement works though there does not appear to be a datal schedule even laid down. We were also advised that Barlow Moor Court had suffered several issues when work was taking place. It also appears that there has been very little use of modern delivery techniques rather the upheaval of continuous digging up to deliver the new services.

3. The DCS Public Health meeting 6/2/2023 update. The meeting was well attended with 42 members of the community representing PPP, Probus, WI, U3a etc turning out on a cold night. Unfortunately, one of the doctors presenting also had to cancel due to a serious family illness abroad. There was a great Q&A session of around 45 minutes with an introduction from the floor of the local Mums and Lungs organisation on their work and involvement in airborne pollution prevention.

4. MCC Public Realms. The DCS Cenotaph Garden community group are pleased to advise that we have been awarded £10k towards the garden improvements. The funding can only go towards groundworks eg site clearance and the water feature rather than site plantings.

5. Proposed Social Trip to Wentworth Woodhouse (Elsecar) South Yorkshire 3rd May 2023. At the time of the meeting, we have reservations from 37 travellers to Wentworth Woodhouse. Ideally, we are aiming for 40.

6. Membership Payments. Whilst going well. We still need to increase our numbers as there a lot issues affecting Didsbury. New members and continuous retention is required, and those who have not paid are gently requested to renew for 2023. To ensure the heritage, culture and history of Didsbury is maintained.

7. The Five DCS Targets for Didsbury. We will continue to pursue the delivery of the target subjects. Which still all require the support of our elected representatives (the attached comment refers), members and the community.

8. Litter bin receptacles in Didsbury. The equipment is outdated and not fit for its current purpose. Piles of cigarette butts are left on the top trays which overflow to the pavement due to the rigours of wind and rain. Prior to this meeting it was understood that they were not being emptied regularly. Take away food boxes and packing spill out regularly along with plastic bottles etc. The problem has also been mentioned at recent DTA and DiB meetings. The apertures are small and requires users to run the risk of hands and clothing being soiled when using. Covid-19 has resulted in an increase in hand hygiene and the current equipment increases potential problems. Currently there are no can or bottle crushers installed which are probably two of the main items being disposed of. The bins were also second user when installed, large in size but not in the stored content volume.

9. Street Furniture obstacles in Didsbury. The bike racks at the corner of Grange Lane present a serious obstacle to those with visual impairment, those in wheelchairs, using ambulators or pushchairs. Especially when a bike is attached to the structure, pedestrians also may have to choose to negotiate around them. Whilst the pavement is lowered and studded, the kerb edge is also proud at this point and has a central island which does not allow for inconsiderate car drivers also entering the petrol station by cutting the angle on the opposite road side. This matter has been raised with local representatives and via Living Streets. We should also remember that users could have physical disability.

DCS Financial Update

HSBC bank balance is £10804.

A o B
There were several items which were held over due to time constraint, and will be carried forward to the agenda for April 2023.
– Gillbrook Street and DCS Members
– New Police Inspector walkabout
– Rat Running and Speeding
– The Tesco,Dandara Appeal and Public Inquiry
– How do residents get a say in the street repair timetable
Yours sincerely

Mike Corlett
DCS Chair

Planning Meeting

DCS Planning and Licensing Proposal Meeting 13 th March 2023

Comments on the recent Planning and Licensing applications at the DCS Trustee

136152/2023 – Didsbury Library: Installation of a heat pump with green outside /environmental concealment wall. With new piping and connections. This notice is for information only, DCS has no objection to this application.

135893/2023 – Fog Lane above MCS Shop. Construction of 4 x1 bed apartments and a 1 bed studio
above the shop. The DCS has no objection to this application.

136128/2023 – 17 Gaddum Road erection of 2 Storey side and rear extension with the erection of a
single store large Gym in the back garden. The DCS has no objection to this application.

136324/2023 – 123, Parkfield Rd South. A single storey extension proposed joining the current
house to the detached garage. The DCS has no objection to this application though there is a concern that parking may be a problem to both occupants and local neighbours. We have recorded our concerns regarding the parking, specific to the increased apartment numbers.

The DCS Planning and Licensing Team