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DCS Minutes of General Meeting Monday 12th June 2023

Attendees were welcomed by the chair


Mike Corlett, Carol Wilkinson, Gordon Browne, Richard Kilpatrick, Pam Venning, Mary Christie, John Leech, Debbie Hilal, Mark Clayton, Geoff Bridson,  

Apologies for absence:

Andrew Simcock, Ellie Sams, James Wilson, Anne-Marie O`Driscoll, Tony Parkinson

Copies to Mandy Salmon, Andrew Young Ward Management

Approval and acceptance of the Minutes for the 8th May 2023 meeting.

There were no Minutes due to the lack of attendee numbers. Normal acceptance procedure will recommence from July 2023.

Business Agenda

  1. The DCS invites both Didsbury East and West councillors to update the members on the current anti-social problems, policing actions and Mersey pollution and flooding. This is a new idea with an open session which went very well:

i. Debbie Hilal updated us that river work was taking place at the back of Lyme Park by the National Trust. This is where some members of the south Manchester community had suspected that the flooding problems have previously arisen towards Whaley Bridge.

ii. A question on CCTV was raised. MCC have some moveable WIFI cameras which can be used on an ad hoc basis where and when problems arise, such as within parks, on streets and car crime hotspots etc.

iii. If the community does wish to provide CCTV it was advised that the response could be seen positively from MCC. Opportunities exist for the local community to raise Funds via crowd funding schemes, and even public subscription, although NIF funding is available for community projects.  One of this nature could be expensive, especially as other community groups would probably be interested in numbers. Community provided systems could probably also be managed within the community?

iv. The DCS has advised that the Mersey safety barriers on the access road close to Didsbury Golf Club have still not been replaced on the riverside due to damage caused by flood debris last year (2022). The DCS requests that the damage is repaired/replaced either by the Environmental Agency and /or United Utilities whichever is responsible for the maintenance. Photographs of the damage have already been provided to MCC. Importantly, Didsbury community deserves a better level of public service than that currently being delivered along the river. It is poorly managed due to outsourcing and does not work, with the public paying for a service which is clearly not being delivered and councils not having a mechanism to follow up and also recover the overpaid public funds.

This situation being similar to the current PPE fiasco, again, with the community paying for services which are undelivered.

2.Heritage Open Days, Community and Filming

The vast majority of building managers have said yes to participating in 2023 after Covid -19. This will be around 12 buildings. A walking programme is also being planned and mapped by Manchester Geographical. Our programme will cover the weekend of 9th and 10th September 2023 along with an additional second weekend. A public talk is also planned at Didsbury C of E on Henry Simon and Family members. All are welcome.

3. DCS has suggested the regular updating of East and West Ward NIF Grant Applications at Ward Meetings for the benefit of all community groups.

It was agreed that it would be advantageous and beneficial for all NIF grant applications to be advised at Ward Meetings, with the value and project deliverables. Details could also be uploaded to the MCC website. Putting the details in the public domain would also allow for transparency, community cohesion and community co-operation.

4.Steve Parle’s Funeral

The attendees were reminded that the funeral would take place at the Old Chapel, Manchester Crematorium, Barlow Moor Road, on 13th June 2023 at 10am. With a wake at the Old Parsonage.

Since the Minutes were written: We added Steve`s Order of Service:

Financial Update

The DCS bank balance at the 31st May stood at £27547.26 with restricted funds of PIP £13k, Gargoyles £2859 and Ghost Art £2k. Net balance £9688.00.

Any Other Business.

John Leech raised the question of a return to face-to-face meetings to which the DCS has no objections. However, the current costs of room hire in Didsbury to community groups is very high and  the cost of 2+ annual memberships (£30) for a two hours meeting. Prior to 2018 the DCS used the Parsonage on an FOC basis.

Richard Kilpatrick advised that the high level of charges was also a problem for West Didsbury community groups, some of which have had to move venues.

Next Meeting 10th July 2023

Yours sincerely

Mike Corlett