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DCS General Meeting Minutes 10th July 2023

Via Zoom @ 7pm

Welcome: The Chair welcomed the attendees

Present: M Corlett (Chair), Pam Venning, Carol Wilkinson, Cllr Richard Kilpatrick, Cllr John Leech, Cllr Debbie Hilal, Mark Clayton, and welcome to new member Barbara Goodman.

Apologies: Mary Christie, Gordon Browne, Ellie Sams, Tony Parkinson, Cllr Andrew Simcock, Cllr James Wilson, Geoff Bridson.

Copies to Mandy Salmon and Andrew Young (Ward Management)

Minutes of the General Meeting 12th June 2023, were accepted Proposed: Pam Venning, Seconded: Richard Kilpatrick.

ASB Meeting 26th June 2023

There was concern raised that such an important community meeting was mainly restricted to those from Didsbury East, with the Didsbury West councillors not invited along with other local community groups. Importantly this problem concerns both Wards, and is important to all members of the community. GMP were also strongly represented and supportive regarding this problem, with Inspector Khan and the PCSOs attending. The follow up should endeavour to include representatives from the wider community.

During the discussion, questions were raised regarding the provision and use of CCTV along with its day-to-day management. The use of stand-alone cameras and whether “systems” could be joined up as the problems are not unique to one area of Didsbury.

Are there spare and suitable cameras available to trial within MCC? Could the community crowd fund the acquiring of them, and is there funding within MCC and GMP.

Recurring Flooding, Parrs Wood Lane M20 5NP (Metro station)

Past reporting of this problem has been submitted by the DCS which has disappeared from the MCC, CRM system. This is now being investigated by the Ward management.

Councillor Leech has re-reported the problem under CRM-516-2912.

It was also advised that the travelling public have raised this problem on many occasions, though it is not clear whether this is a MCC (Highways) or TfGM (station entrance/curtilage) matter.  Importantly, both of these organisations need to communicate and update better with the community. This solution appears to be on the “need to know” list, though it is estimated that this problem has been in existence for 5+ years. The lack of funding and budgets was advised as a possible cause. Surely, after all of this time Highways recognise the seriousness of the problem and have a Financial Accountant who can put together a budget to resolve the matter. The danger to life and limb this creates must come under the council`s duty of care and should raise this problem to a higher executive level.

Proposed Social Trip

A visit to Attingham Park Shrewsbury has been priced, with the coach cost being a significant overhead, along with the general increase in costs overall. 48 travellers would be our ideal number on the day on a 53 seater vehicle.

Future General Meeting Plans

The trustees have proposed and agreed a move back to face to face meetings, holding them in alternative months as there is not always enough suitable agenda topics.

We will look to also have regular speakers of interest as well as the normal agendas. The AGM is Proposed for September 2023.

Didsbury Art Festival Liaison

A co-operation and communication issue arose with the placing of a simulator attraction contained within a shipping container outside of the public library, which is a listed building donated by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie and also in a Heritage and Conservation area where rules apply. Hopefully sponsorship did not outrank history and culture?    

Cenotaph Planning Application

The sub group have completed its application for permission to update and overhaul the garden area in line with the selected designer`s proposals and schedule submitted. The MCC Planning Number is 137448/FO/2023 with a decision date of 25th August 2023.

DCS Financial Update

The bank balance at the 30th June 2023 stood at £26159.22 including the PIP grant, Cenotaph and Ghost Art donations.



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