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Forthcoming Events

DCS General Meeting

11th January 2021 at 7:15pm via Zoom

Note this General Meeting is preceded by Planning and Licensing Meeting

  1. Welcome and Apologies – Chair
  2. Minutes of the DCS General Meeting held in 9th November 2020
  3. Planning and Licensing Sub Group
    a) Update on Jessiefield
    b) Shell Garage Licencing
  4. Finance – outcome of Trustees decisions
    a) Gargoyle Fund – Awaiting next Trustee meeting
    b) Christmas Lights Account – now closed
  5. Membership
    All Annual Subs due end of January
    All postal reminders issued for Subs
  6. Feedback from Didsbury Plan 2020 – 2023
    Deadline 31st January 2021 (Final issue due April)
  7. District Staff Changes
    a) Mandy Salmon – Neighbourhood officer, Diana Sakalas – Didsbury East and West officer
    b) Didsbury East and West Meetings
  8. Outstanding issues
    a) East Didsbury Railway Bridge and wall murals
    b) Cleaning of Cenotaph
    c) Cleaning of Milson Rhodes Clock
  9. AOB
    Quarterly Newsletter – Deadline for submissions Monday 1st March 2021

Next Meeting 8th February 2021 7:15  via  Zoom. Note preceded by Planning and Licensing